Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Mr President...

Dear President Obama: Apparently you need to update your GPS settings: It appears that the “ Main Street ” that you kept mentioning while you were campaigning has been re-routed, and has now merged with Wall Street. What gives?
I realize it’s still early in your administration, but in one short year you have managed to disillusion just about everyone who gave you support and votes. Republicans say that you are too radical, and Democrats say you are too Republican.
When you promised healthcare reform, we had high hopes that the leeches known as health insurance companies would feel the door hit them in their collective behinds. Instead, your plan is going to mandate that every American has to buy their “product” or face big fines and penalties. I didn’t vote for that, and neither did anyone I know. The current health insurance situation is the worst example of a pre-existing condition, and needs to be healed, but your plan is not the answer. Medicaid for everyone is. In every other major country in the world health care is guaranteed by law for their citizens. Here, people lose their homes and lives to overwhelming medical debt. What gives?
When the banks and insurance companies and their unethical and illegal practices almost crippled this nation, instead of punishment, they got bailed out, first by TWPE (The Worst President Ever) and then by you. Instead of reformers, you have filled your cabinet with the very people who got us into this stinking mess. What gives?
The war is another area where you have really disappointed. Why send 30,000 more troops into that hellhole? Polls show that as much as 70 percent of the American populace want us out of Afghanistan , and yet you make an announcement, which could have been delivered with a phony Texas drawl, and you sound suspiciously like TWPE.
A couple of decades ago Russia , whose military might rivaled ours, got their heads handed to them in Afghanistan . Our military is tired, and the lessons learned in Vietnam have been forgotten, apparently. What gives?

Yes, that area was where the planning for 9/11 took place. You said that there are plots currently being hatched in Afghanistan by al-Qaida to attack us again. With what? They used up their one shot at catching us off-guard when they grabbed those planes. We are vigilant now, and will remain so. There are not enough al-Qaida remaining to warrant such a large troop surge.
Mr. President, you have a great opportunity here to help the average American, instead of making our lot worse. With all due respect, and as boxing trainer Angelo Dundee once said to Sugar Ray Leonard during a big fight, “You’re blowing it, son.”
Halloween is over. It’s time to take off your Republican mask and be the progressive agent of change that you represented yourself to be. You are beginning to make us think you want to be the TWPE. We are losing the right to call this country the greatest in the world and to be able to back up that claim.
Change? That's what I have left in my pocket.
What gives?

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