Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A column they wouldnt publish here in GA

What is it with all these Tea party rallies? What exactly are they protesting? I have figured out that the Republicans grand plan to get back in power is to just throw so much nonsense out there that it will confuse the majority of the country and the chips will fall where they may come election. There used to be an old joke bumper sticker: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” And so it has come to pass that apparently, a Republican has actually read something and took it to heart. They certainly didn’t read the health care bills---all they did was complain that it was too long. Maybe they are waiting for the Cliff Notes version, or the comic book---oh wait, Bush is gone.
OK. So these little groups of mostly older, wealthy white men are ticked off that our President and government managed to get health care insurance a possibility for 32 million citizens who can’t afford it now. They protest and complain that taxes are going to go through the roof to pay for all this stuff, and yet taxes have actually gone DOWN for 88 percent of the population this year. So what is the basis for their argument??
Let’s get down to brass tacks, as Ross Perot used to say. The President is a black man, and that simple fact is just plain not acceptable to these groups of privileged malcontents. If it was a white man running things I can assure that the argument would be different. This paper is afraid to run columns about racism but when it is so patently obvious that it is still rearing its disgusting ugly head in this country, in this day and age, all decent Americans should be as angry about it as I am.
These Tea Party folks are not the new America. They are a bunch of relics from an era best left behind and they, and the rest of the right, should be ashamed of the junk they spew. I actually heard a conversation the other day in the aisle at a local grocery store that was so vile and repugnant that I can’t repeat it here, except to say that the N-word was used several times as was the phrase “someone oughtta blow that…away.” What?? In 2010?
And that is the real danger of what the right and their ilk are doing. When enough venomous talk gets out there, sooner or later some lunatic picks up a gun and does the unthinkable. This man, this good man that the majority of people elected to office, cares about us. He has a monumental task ahead of him and any crap like thebile that the idiots on the right might vomit out is counterproductive at best, seditious at worst, and gets really tiring after a while. Reading columns from righties calling the President a Socialist and addressing us as Comrade is just so much more bullshit as well, especially since “Comrade” was used in a communist context historically. Whatever the case, it is time to ignore all this crap and let the president do his job, which he has amazingly been doing, and doing well through all the brown fog that the republican machine is polluting the airwaves with.

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