Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Parable: The Boy and the Butterfly

A boy found a small, delicate cocoon that had been battered by the strong winds and rains and the sun. He watched as from the cocoon a tiny, equally delicate butterfly emerged. A precious thing of beauty she was. But she was very, very fragile and the boy didn’t realize just how fine and delicate she was. He reached for her, grabbed her with his strong hands, wanting to admire her fine features and the wonderful colors of her wings. Being so delicate, when he picked her up, in his excitement he grasped her too tightly and damaged her wing, making it almost impossible for her to fly. He brought her home, into his room, and found a small glass box in which to keep her so he could admire her. He really loved to look at her and see just how truly amazing she was. But he could see something sad about the butterfly. She wanted to take to the air, to do what butterflies do, but because her wing was damaged and because the boy was keeping her in a glass box, she could not flex her damaged wings and fly as she was born to do. She was grateful that the boy had rescued her because there were many large birds around that liked to eat butterflies just like her. But now she was injured and her life was sad.
She spoke to the boy. She asked him to please let her go free, to grow stronger and to be free to fly where she wanted. The boy knew that with her hurt wing she would never be able to do what she wanted to do. He gave it much thought and decided that he would help her to be the best butterfly she could be. He found her old cocoon which was badly damaged by the elements. He carefully unravelled the fine silk and just as carefully wrapped it around the beautiful, tired and damaged butterfly.
“This will heal your wing,” he said to her. “You rest, heal, and when you are ready you will emerge from this new cocoon stronger and better and even more beautiful. You know where my house is, and where my garden is. If you want to come back and make my life a more beautiful one, you will always be welcome.”
And he walked away.

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